January 30th

I am thankful for:
- a lovely welcome from Dennis
- the church service at Toowong Uniting
- having a tasty morning tea at the McKinnon's
- Laura calling me "Lot lot"
- Daniel enjoying new apps on his iphone
- a late lunch of bbq chicken and avocado
- a loan mobile phone from the Cromes
- watching cricket and tennis on tv

January 29th

I am thankful for:
- a breakfast date with my amazing hubby
- yummy food and drinks ay 'in a pickle'
- getting posters up in my classroom - finally!
- sunny weather
- turquoise toenails

January 28th

I am thankful for:
- Catching up with work colleagues
- Having time with the year 5 team
- The beauty of bats and the sky at dusk
- Dinner with Anders and Marls
- Sister-in-law Cherie letting me have her old bike!
- Daniel

January 27th

I am thankful for:
- hot weather
- catching up with work colleagues
- the excitement of a new school year
- printing and laminating
- a great teaching team
- fans to keep me cool
- frangipani flowers at school
- tacos for dinner
- Daniel

January 26th

I am thankful for:
- Australia!
- Yummy breakfast at 'Hello Gary'
- Gardening with Daniel
- Clean floors
- Being productive
- Living in the 'lucky country'
- Daniel's iphone
- Daniel

January 25th

I am thankful for:
- My tooth brush
- A beautiful Summer day
- Professional colleagues
- Interesting PD
- Catching up with my teacher partner, Darren
- Lovely food and drinks at Byblos with the Primary School Team Leaders
- catching up with friends at the Knowles house
- pavlova from Kaely!
- Daniel

January 24th

I am thankful for:
- Daniel being a super BBQer
- Sunshine
- my car
- interesting leadership PD

January 23rd

I am thankful for:
- sunshine
- babies, including gorgeous girls Georgia and Katherine
- Cutie Madeleine's 1st birthday party
- Lazing around watching cricket and tennis
- A clean vacuum cleaner filter
- A clean car
- Daniel

January 22nd

I am thankful for:
- sleeping
- Daniel
- my laptop computer
- the Internet
- our Pajero and how much it fits in/on it
- our garage shelving
- our camping gear
- yummy dinner at Gary and Kaely's place
- great friends
- pretty moon
- warm weather
- Daniel

January 21st

I am thankful for:
- my gorgeous Daniel
- the Straddie passenger ferry and the friendly locals
- my car
- great colleagues
- the start of a new school year
- challenges ahead
- coloured cardboard
- laminate pouches
- my bed

January 20th

I am thankful for:
-          A double date for breakfast with Grant and Liz
-          Lazing around the camp site
-          Playing Slaves and Masters and making it from the Slave to the position of Master
-          Doing the gorge walk with Julie and Sam and their gorgeous girls
-          Playing on the swing
-          Checking out the cute koala in the palm tree and another tree on the beach front at Cylinder Beach
-          Good conversation and a lovely dinner with the girls at La Foccacia
-          Joining the boys playing cards after they had been drinking

January 19th

I am thankful for:
-          Long beach walks
-          Swimming at Cylinder Beach in the calm waves
-          Playing with a wahu football on the beach
-          Catching up with Sam, Alistair and their daughter Rebecca
-          Lemon meringue gelati and kiwi fruit gelati
-          Having a delicious lasagne dinner
-          Staying dry in our tent in the heavy rain
-          Laughing aloud while staying up late reading a funny book

January 18th

I am thankful for:
  -  Daniel
  -  Sunshine
  -  David and Fiona's friendship
  -  Fishing with Daniel, Grant, Liz, Rory and Julie
  -  Catching a fish at Home beach
  -  Rory catching a flathead and us eating it – Yum!
  -  Handstands on the beach
  -  Visiting the McKinnon's at their holiday apartment
  -  Gourmet home-made beef burgers
  -  Playing Monopoly with Grant, Liz and Scott

January 17th

  I am thankful for:
  -  Lovely Summer weather
  -  Daniel being so proactive and organised
  -  Spending the day at Home Beach and taking the BBQ and gazebo
  -  Fishing
  - Daniel filleting some fish for lunch
  -  Beach golf
  -  Liz catching worms (and Grant waving fish heads!)
  -  Playing cards (31)
  -  Getting rid of FOMO (Fear of missing out)
  -  Staying up late with Dave and Daniel talking

January 16th

I am thankful for:
-          - Daniel
-          - A few days of real Summer weather
-          - Going jogging
-          - The Gorge walk
-          - Beach walks
-          - Licorice gelati and musk gelati
-          - Swimming at cylinder
           - Chillin' at the Straddie pub
           - Cheese and crackers on the beach
           - Playing boules at sunset
           - Watching the ODI cricket and Australia finally winning

January 15th

I am thankful for:
-          Daniel
-          Bacon and cheese sandwiches
-          Sunshine
-          Swimming in the ocean
-          Cheese and vegemite toasted sandwiches
-          Singing with Laura...”If you’re happy and you know it stamp your feet...”
-          The gorge walk with the Ballantyne girls and pares
-          Turtles
-          Spending time with Fiona on a lovely beach walk
-          Camping with Daniel and great bunch of people – Dave, Fiona, Jacqui, Rob, Julie, Rory, Colleen, Michelle, Scott, Grant, Liz
-          Getting to know Liz better
-          Playing ‘Taboo’ with a big group (and winning!)

January 14th

I am thankful for:
- Daniel
- The Stradbroke Island vehicle ferry
- Super dooper friends (Dave, Fio, Grant and Liz) helping to set up the campsite
- Passionfruit gelati
- Sunshine
- Cylinder beach
- North Stradbroke Island
- The Brisbane River receding more and quicker than expected

January 13th

I am thankful for:
- the flood peak not being as high as expected
- the water receding
- the Queensland spirit
- Anna Bligh and all levels of government responding so well to this crisis
- being able to buy groceries (except milk and water) 
- sunshine
- new glasses
- new foils in my hair to hide my regrowth
- being packed for Straddie
- Daniel being so sweet

January 12th

I am thankful for:
- friends and family being safe and dry
- sunshine and the rain finally stopping (for now)
- our house not getting flooded (so far)
- caring friends and family constantly checking that we're ok
- text messages working when the phone network is busy

January 10th

I am thankful for:
- Daniel
- gumboots
- catching up with Gap SS friends, Kristine and Marilyn
- my new sewing machine bought with money from Grandma Dot
- the netball season starting again
- being a fill-in for netball

January 9th

I am thankful for:
- Sundays
- "big" breakfast at Scarborough with Dad and Elly
- hagelslag
- sewing hems on funky material with Dad
- shopping for/with Daniel at DFO
- chips and gravy when it's raining
- God
- starting a new Dutch book

January 8th

I am thankful for:
- my thoughtful Daniel who got up early to do work while I was sleeping in
- going out for a yummy breakfast/brunch at "Cafeine" in Coorparoo
- the great annual wardrobe clean out
- walking with Daniel along the river
- the Kurilpa bridge
- turquoise nail polish

January 7th

I am thankful for:
- my dentist not finding any holes in my teeth
- undercover seating at Suncorp stadium in the rain
- the Brisbane Roar fans and their unbeaten-streak continuing
- last minute catch-ups with Karlee and D1
- K1 and D1's amazingly beautiful wedding invitation
- surviving tyre spin-outs on very steep, slippery leaves in the Avalon
- Daniel's sense of humour

January 6th

I am thankful for:
- Kangaroo Point
- the 203 bus that goes to the city from my street
- great friends like beautiful Kaels who I shopped with today
- having a nice doctor
- Daniel's fam
- delicious duck pancakes at the Crome's
- gorgeous Jack's birthday (tomorrow)
- playing bowling on Wii
- Daniel's threadless shirt making me laugh

January 5th

I am thankful for:
- scrambled eggs with smoked trout
- listening to music on the radio
- optometrists and choosing new glasses
- making my classroom display boards look pretty
- threadless t-shirts www.threadless.com
- honey mustard chicken

January 4th

I am thankful for:
- the wind by the Brisbane River at 7:30am
- sunshine
- new carpet and paint in my classroom
- lasagne made with fresh, homemade pasta
- school holidays
- my new colourful dress bought on sale

January 3rd

I am thankful for:
- sleeping in
- a hardworking husband
- planning long weekends away
- fun at Movieworld
- my KitchenAid Mixmaster and pasta attachment
- fresh, homemade pasta with delicious garlic prawns
- catching up with family in KL on skype

January 2nd

I am thankful for:
- sleeping in
- free parking spots in town
- in-laws and Daniel's rellies
- Marlene's birthday celebrations
- pavlova
- the paths along the Brisbane River
- stretching after exercise

January 1st

I am thankful for:
- sleeping in
- Skype with beautiful Anna in Scotland
- delicious dinner at Dave and Fio's with Julie and Rory
- great friends
- an amazing husband.