February 28th

I am thankful for:
- February
- new teaching tools (Maths applets)
- learning how to use SCRATCH
- Daniel

February 27th

I am thankful for:
- double-checking invitation just in time
- Georgia's baptism
- friends
- Supporting the girls (with my bing ankle) at the Shailer Park netty carnival
- watching a great netball game on TV (Swifts v Vixens)
- tacos
- a vacuumed house
- Daniel

February 26th

I am thankful for:
- Katherine's naming ceremony
- friends
- Daniel

February 25th

I am thankful for:
- getting through a very tiring day
- chilling out at home
- Daniel

February 24th

I am thankful for:
- getting through a super busy day
- medical professionals
- hair dressers
- honey mustard chicken
- Daniel

February 23rd

I am thankful for:
- teaching persuasive writing
- watching children enjoying talking baout books in Book Club
- my netty team making it to the GF (even though they lost and I couldn't play)
- Teriyaki chicken noodles for dinner (and supplied by work)
- another Parent Information evening done
- Daniel

February 22nd

I am thankful for:
- getting to the staff briefing just in time
- sunny weather
- my class assembly going well
- lightbulb moments in Maths today
- netty training for my arms and abs while I rest my sore ankle
- Daniel

February 21st

I am thankful for:
- Surviving Monday!
- Getting student homework marked
- Watching the Firebirds beat the Swifts on TV
- Home made rice paper rolls for dinner
- Daniel

February 20th

I am thankful for:
- Church at Toowong Uniting
- Catching up with Julie, Rory, Laura, Dave and Fio
- Watching netball on TV
- Daniel

February 19th

I am thankful for:
- fresh fruit and vegies from the Rocklea markets
- delicious brunch at Foxy bean in Woollongabba
- catching up on marking
- fresh pasta for dinner
- Emily's birthday celebratory drinks
- Daniel

February 18th

I am thankful for:
- Fridays
- sunny weather
- yummy shared morning tea at work
- passionfruit
- Daniel

February 17th

I am thankful for:
- non-contact time
- feeling productive
- a bargain polka dot dress
- caramello ice cream
- Daniel

February 16th

I am thankful for:
- my netty team making the grand final (with me on the sideline with my sore ankle)
- compression bandages, ankle braces and ice
- Daniel

February 15th

I am thankful for:
- my lovely class 
- netball training helping keep me fit and toned
- physiotherapists
- ice
- having an automatic car
- Daniel

February 14th

I am thankful for:
- a lovely weekend
- an early start
- motivated colleagues
- a red-day fundraiser
- Monday Maths
- Daniel

February 13th

I am thankful for:
- breakfast with Olivia
- window shopping
- the Rose st Art markets
- noodle lunch
- licorice ice-cream
- taking photos
- trivial pursuit on Daniel's i-phone
- planes
- Daniel

February 12th

I am thankful for:
- family
- my gorgeous nephews, Jake and Connor growing up
- St Kilda
- trams
- amazing Fitzroy graffiti
- Melbourne
- cool weather
- a delicious Venezuelan meal
- Daniel

February 11th

I am thankful for:
- caring colleagues
- a double lesson of non-contact time
- the view from planes at sunset
- cheap plane flights from a pilot friend
- Melbourne

February 10th

I am thankful for:
- Daniel
- my bromeliad flowering
- hugs
- pain killers

February 9th

I am thankful for:
- Avocado and tomato on toast
- Having a volunteer to be class rep
- A lovely parent from years ago that still brings me bakery treats
- Light bulb moments
- playing a netball Semi-final
- Daniel

February 8th

I am thankful for:
- Daniel
- non-contact time at school
- Student Book Club
- cooler weather
- rain for the plants
- netty training
- minesweeper on Daniel's iphone

February 7th

I am thankful for:
- warm weather
- my lovely class
- quirly personalities
- a productive planning meeting
- my KitchenAid mixmaster
- home-made pasta with garlic prawns and dill
- games on Daniel's i-phone

February 6th

I am thankful for:
- Breakfast at 'Ave' with Scott and Bernie
- mini vanilla milkshake in a cute milk bottle
- finishing my marking
- Bunnings
- a new pedestal fan
- a refund for my sewing machine
- getting a new, better sewing machine that works
- watching the cricket and Australia winning
- a delicious chicken and rice noodle dinner with mint and coriander
- Daniel

February 5th

I am thankful for:
- Rocklea markets
- catching up with Col, Julie and Rory and the gorgeous, dancing Laura
- Jamaican musicians
- passionfruit yoghurt
- shopping
- getting lots of marking done
- cheese and crackers at home
- delicious steak
- Daniel

February 4th

I am thankful for:
- Fridays
- learning new things
- my laptop
- my teaching team
- a triple date for Chinese new year in the valley with Dave, Fio, Cam and Kathryn (thanks for letting us tag along)
- Daniel getting 'eaten' by the Lion/Dragon thingy
- warm weather

February 3rd

I am thankful for:
- air-con in the car
- loud music
- catching up with Penny and Steve for dinner at West End
- hot weather
- Daniel

February 2nd

I am thankful for:
- Spanish labels
- listening to music
- Hack on Triple J
- Playing a tough game of netball in the heat and winning
- Daniel

February 1st

I am thankful for:
- avocado & pepper on toast
- my bromeliad flowering again at last
- my new class
- cooling rain
- pedestal fans on the highest speed
- netty training starting again

January 31st

I am thankful for:
- stationery
- friendly parents of my students
- excited students
- ducks wandering around the school
- salmon for dinner
- Daniel